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Company overview

ADLINE IMS, we are an event organiser and having good experience with singing shows as well as many events from which we got a good response from the peoples. ADLINE - IMSa one stop shop for all your Media Services. An Integrated Marketing Solutions Provider.

Company History

ADLINE IMS started its operations in 2015 and has evolved as the fast growing Reputed Media and Event Organization. Within the span of 5 years, the Organization has conducted six successful Events. Being Passionate towards the Indian / Bollywood Music, ADLINE observed that there is a lot of Local Talents looking for a platform to recognize and flourish.

Mere Sung Gaa Series was discovered then, our Flagship Singing Reality Show to promote the local Talent in Toronto / Canada. We as an organization are not against importing talent from abroad, but wants to focus on promoting MORE the local Talent who is not less than the Imported talent, but only lacks the Brand, and for both the Audience are the Same : General Public.

Canada believes in promoting everything Local. ADLINE's small effort towards this. PROMOTING LOCAL TALENT WITH PRIDE IN CANADA.

Besides , we offer a wide range of Media Consultancy Services like Media Buying for Various South Asian Media - Print / Radio / TV as well as Buys for Outdoor Media with the best Possible Rates.